About us

Who we are?

Our success, just as our furniture, is composed of many elements.

“Family values form the backbone of our company. Not only are they our driving force but also are of a critical importance to our decision making”.

Michał Dąbrowski, President

  • + 64 export markets

  • + 1.500 business partners

  • + 1 m m² of office spaces furnished per month

  • + 100.000 pieces produced per month

  • + 14.000 m² industrial area

  • + 1.600 m² office area

  • + 1.600 m² office area

  • + 3.000 furniture and accessories to choose from

“MDD offers its employees great development opportunities. I find it exciting and challenging to be the part of the company’s continued growth and success”.

Marcin Remus, CEO

“It’s involvement combined with persistence that build the atmosphere of trust and safety. Our clients are our best partners and we treat them as we would like to be treated ourselves”.

Sylwia Pytlak, Head of Customer Service

  • 25 years of experience

  • know-how

  • LINX – B2B platform supporting collaboration

  • comprehensive service

  • 5S – the method of production management

  • SAP – integrated management system

  • own MFC and metal elements production line

  • own upholstered chairs production line

“We produce nearly all elements for MDD products in our factory, which ensures short lead time and the highest level of quality. We take all the responsibility for the furniture we make”.

Marek Dańków, Head of Production Department

“Each new product, each new technology is a challenge and development opportunity at the same time. I’m glad that thanks to our work somebody else works in better conditions”.

Justyna Murek, Seamstress

  • varied design

  • advanced technology

  • customisation possibility

  • ergonomic solutions

What values do we follow?




We don’t rest on our laurels, we still improve our skills and knowledge.

What services do we provide?

Not only do we provide furniture, but also solutions for business – at the same time we help our customers to achieve success.

Furniture for business

Our offer includes not only traditionally perceived office furniture such as desks and task chairs – we answer all business space needs, from reception area furniture to solutions for chill-out zones. Our furniture is designed with customisation in mind. That’s why we are able to react flexibly to clients requirements to improve life at work.

Comprehensive solutions

Thanks to a wide standard product range and possibility to adjust them to user needs we offer comprehensive solutions. That’s how we make it possible for our partners to implement complex projects. Analysing their individual requirements we create optimal solutions that come up to the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Services and support

As experts in our domain we ensure professional customer service, conceptual and technical support throughout project realisation. Not only do we manufacture furniture for business spaces, but also deliver and assembly them. Thanks to our know-how we prove to support the success of our clients.